Introducing Zachary Knowles, the young Texan making love songs sound effortless

Fans of Rex Orange County or Clairo, it’s time to meet your new soft pop obsession Zachary Knowles.

You might have first come across Zachary Knowles when he dropped the magnolia EP earlier this year, or his feelings EP back in 2018. He’s been striking gold at each turn, and today he’s back with another heart-stopper.

slow summer is another love-torn cut from Knowles, and it’s thankfully not about the glacial 2020 we’ve all experienced. It’s about the way time can stand still when we’re with someone we adore.

zachary knowles slow summer Garrett Herzik

Knowles’ songs are usually backed by subtle instrumentation, needing little more than his pared back voice to strike with full force. Carefully placed synths, soft guitars, and a sparse beat are all the context Knowles usually asks for; a formula that he’s stuck to with slow summer.

The song is rich in narrative and image; telling a warm tale of young love that any listener would be able to place themselves into.

Zachary Knowles began writing way back in his wee years after his parents gifted him a light-up keyboard. It became a catalyst for what would become his career very soon, Knowles sharing he’d “come home from school and write as much stuff as I could.”

Not long after netting some fame on Soundcloud he’d been cherry picked by FADER Label (Clairo, Fractures), featured on every Spotify or Apple Music playlist a soft pop artist could dream of, and has millions of fans around the world listening to his music. The moral of the story? Buy your kids an instrument.

slow summer is the second single since Knowles’ magnolia EP, and if you’re picking up what he’s putting down, there’s likely to be more on the way soon. Knowles hasn’t been one to dwell too long between releases so far – so stay tuned.


slow summer is out now via FADER Label / Caroline Australia. Stream or purchase your copy here.