Love Hultén’s MMXS creates music at the drop of a marble

The MMXS is Love Hultén’s small scale tribute to Martin Molin’s design – a fun, self-playing synth with a Meccano-inspired finish

It’s been quite a time for eccentric musical instruments of late. The fun continues with the latest design from Swedish craftsman Love Hultén. Meet the MMXS.

Designed as a tribute to composer Martin Molin’s marble powered extravaganza, Hultén’s version scales down the size and introduces a self-powering element.

MMXS, synth, marble, meccano, eccentric, instrument, Sweden

Molin’s 2016 original design was a hand-cranked instrument with acoustic elements – such as rice grains in a wooden box to replicate a snare sound. Here, Love Hultén incorporates battery powered mechanics with sounds generated by an Axoloti Core synthesiser.

The MMXS “features 16 notes, 128 programming bars, 10 different sound presets, speed control, volume and a built-in speaker”, Hultén explains. “The finish of the machine is inspired by older Meccano toy sets”.

Over the years, Love Hultén has fused traditional craftsmanship with modern tech. He specialises in handcrafted, unique specimens such as his functioning replica of a vintage Macintosh (The Golden Apple) and his tribute to arcade games which featured on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (R-Kaid-R).

We’re looking forward to seeing the next design to come out of his workshop. Explore his designs on his website.