Iconic Sydney venue The World Bar is closing its doors tomorrow

The World Bar, a live music venue which has remained open in Sydney’s Kings Cross for 18 years, is closing its doors on Wednesday November 28th.

Speaking in a press release, the venue shared:

“The World Bar would like to thank our 2500 staff, 4500 DJs, 1000 bands and thousands upon thousands of punters who have walked through our doors over the last two decades. We hope we’ve been able to put smiles on people’s faces and create a few hazy memories.”

the world bar

Sydney landmark The World Bar will shut its doors tomorrow night, after over 18 years of nights out, live performances, and good times.

Speaking of the closure, owner Steve Ward has said:

“This is obviously heartbreaking stuff, after being part of the Sydney music scene for more than 18 years it’s tough to close the doors on a venue that really is like a big family. We’re very proud of the role we’ve played in fostering young music talent and creating a safe space for all.

The obvious connection that people will make on our closure is the effect of the lock out laws. It’s undeniable that they have had a huge impact on us, as well as Sydney’s live music scene. However, we believe there is a solution here, we have hope. We need the authorities to show true leadership and to make positive decisions for the music and creative communities and for everyone who likes to be social at night! Public opinion and pressure are mounting and now we need our elected officials to be brave and make positive changes to the legislation. Safety and entertainment ARE achievable, we have seen this put into practice in global cities around the world.

Our parting words to anyone who loves Sydney’s nightlife are these – the best way to rebel is to go out. There are great venues and incredible music alive in the Cross and surrounding areas, so please get out there and support all our incredible friends – promoters, venue owners, artists- still battling away for their love of live music”

The World Bar was a stop for thousands upon thousands of Sydneysiders on a night out, whether they were after live music, a dance, or they just wanted to drink out of the snout of a teapot.

We’re sad to see it go.