ICYMI ancient badass, King Tutankhamun owned a space dagger made from a meteorite

Perhaps one of the most famous rulers of ancient Egypt, Tutankhamun, who ruled between 1332 and 1323 BC was excavated from his tomb in 1922, where archaeologists found a myriad of intriguing ancient artefacts along with that blingin’ funeral mask. Among the finds was Tut’s dagger, which, mysteriously, never rusted.

King Tut’s iron meteorite dagger. Photo by Daniela Conelli

Excalibur had nothing on this shit. Scientists have discovered the meteoric origins of King Tutankhamun’s out-of-this-world dagger

In a recent journal, Meteoritics and Planetary Science there was an entry featured by the name of The Meteoric Origin of Tutankhamun’s Iron Dagger Blade which suggested, in short, that Tutankhamun’s dagger was made from a composite of iron, nickel and cobalt yielded from a meteorite. Basically, King Tut carried a space dagger.

Among other things, this discovery proves that the Ancient Egyptians were way ahead of their time and were crafting metal objects long before the iron age. It is also noted that a hieroglyphic symbol is regularly seen from this period which roughly translates to “iron of the sky”. This suggests that the Egyptians may have witnessed the meteor’s descent to earth and travelled specifically to harvest it’s mystical ore.

The dagger was subjected to X-Ray analysis which clarified its relation to meteorites, specifically, one found in the year 2000 near the city of Alexandria; the Kharga Meteorite. While it’s seriously badass that all of this information can be acquired so many years on through modern technology, what’s even more badass is that Tutankhamun owned a fucking space dagger thus, solidifying his reputation as the most metal boy king of all time. Fuck yeah.


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