If ‘Dirty Dancing’ was directed by David Lynch this is what it would look like

Ok, I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing, and now I’m not sure that I want to, because if I did I’d probably be sitting there the whole time wishing it was directed by David Lynch.

dirty dancing david lynch

Watch a re-cut trailer for 80s classic Dirty Dancing as if it were directed by the dark mind of David Lynch. The Catskills will never be the same.

As we know Lynch has an inimitable ability to turn the mundane into the macabre. Take his second short film The Alphabet as an example, a piece inspired by his wife’s niece who had been learning her ABC’s. Or the way he turned the sleepy fictitious town of Twin Peaks into a nightmarish fantasia.

Below is a mashup of this Lynchian aesthetic and Dirty Dancing – a bit of a classic that has been floating around the web for a few years – that totally nails all those dark, surreal vibes.

Check it out, but be warned, the Catskills will never be the same.