Iggy Pop made a Halloween movie starring his pet cockatoo, Biggy Pop

What would you do if you were a veteran rock star with a tonne of money and too much time on your hands?

Iggy Pops got the right idea – chilling out in his sunny Florida mansion, making albums at leisure, touring sporadically, releasing the odd line of surf clothes. He also makes videos with his pet cockatoo, Biggy Pop, for its personal Instagram account, the latest of which is a masterpiece of a Halloween movie.

Iggy Pop

Get into the Halloween spirit with this incredible clip that Iggy Pop made with his pet cockatoo, Biggy Pop.

Featuring a slew of masterfully placed special effects (including Biggy’s face superimposed over Regan’s face in that ‘Exorcist’ scene), a Chucky doll, some scary masks, and a startling roar or two, the clip has everything you’d expect from a Halloween horror flick.

It also features a soundtrack courtesy of Tijuana Panthers’ song Creature. Watch it below.

[via NME]