Illuminating her second album, Olympia drops huge new single Hounds

Acclaimed singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Olympia has announced her sophomore album Flamingo, which will drop on July 5.

Following a massive Europe/UK tour with Julia Jacklin, Olympia has returned to Australian shores with her new single Hounds.

Pierre Toussaint olympia flamingo hounds
Pierre Toussaint

Olympia has returned home to announce new album Flamingo and drop a huge new single. She continues, with clear precision, to carve out her own sound and place in the world.

Olympia’s new record Flamingo is a collection of 11 tracks that features vast lyrical scope, complex pop composition, and the confident animation of a world lit with dreams and desires. After the success of her debut record Self Talk, Olympia (real name Olivia Bartley) has dropped Hounds, the huge third single from her forthcoming album.

Hounds is a shimmering, kaleidoscopic requiem about calling out bullshit and illuminating what it means to evolve. It’s punchy, catchy and scratches all the right itches.

Check out the tune below:

“The record explores how grief and desire are intertwined. It’s referencing a personal tragedy – the addiction and loss of someone very close to me,” says Bartley of Flamingo.

“But it’s not a project of catharsis” she continues. “I chose to submit myself to this experience because I wanted to create from inside it, rather than explaining it. I’ve tried to borrow from my own grief to create its inverse: something joyous. Something beyond myself, something fantastic -something new”.

As a final statement on Flamingos, Bartley had this to say, “It’s the most personal I’ve ever been but also the most confident. This album is a force.”

Flamingo is out July 5. Pre-order your copy here.


  1. Star City
  2. Come Back
  3. Easy Pleasure
  4. Nervous Riders
  5. Hounds
  6. Won’t Say That
  7. Two Hands
  8. Shoot To Forget
  9. First You Leave
  10. Flamingo
  11. Wrong Number