Meditative ambient composer Dominique Lawalrée has died aged 65

Ambient composer Dominique Lawalrée has sadly died at age 65.

The Belgian keyboardist’s work is a student’s best friend and was a part of the New Simplicity movement.

The meditative composer Dominique Lawalrée has unfortunately passed at 65. If you are studying or just want to fall asleep, his music is your best friend.

Sounding sometimes like the inside of a child’s imagination, the meditative simplicity of David Lawalrée’s work serves as a stream of consciousness that encapsulates the mind and takes you through a beautiful otherworldly realm.

In 1976, Lawalrée founded the Walrus Editions imprint as a way to release and share his non-commercial solo work. Using his label as a launchpad, Lawalrée recorded prolifically releasing over 500 compositions and 29 albums throughout his career. His music often featured measured meditative patterns that embodied ambient sound often consisting of keyboards and synthesizers which later became part of the New Simplicity movement.

The New Simplicity movement was a group of German composers in the late 70s who railed against European avant-garde of the 1960s and 70s and the broader tendency towards objectivity established in the 20th Century.