Listen to Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music For Airports stretched out to last six hours

I can’t get over the fact that someone out there listened to Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music For Airports and thought, ‘too fast’.

Four years ago, Youtube user Slow Motion TV uploaded a version of that seminal ambient album slowed down so it lasts for just over six hours. If you, like our old friend Slow Motion TV, always wished Music For Airports lasted that little bit longer, here’s a gift.

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Photo: Neal Preston

Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music For Airports has been stretched out to six hours long, so now you can spend the best part of your working day in ambient paradise.

Many name Brian Eno as the contemporary father of ambient music, and there’s no doubt that his series of albums from Ambient 1: Music For Airports through to Ambient 4: On Land are at least responsible for the genre’s common name.

As the story goes, Eno was sitting at Heathrow airport when he became disheartened with the music playing there. Inspired by that sensation and working atop the building blocks laid by Eric Satie, John Cage, Irv Treibel, and Tangerine Dream, his work over the next 10 years would characterise ambient music forever.

As the album was composed of motifs that irregularly repeat, it’s no surprise that the harmony is retained at a different tempo.

Give the new version a listen above.