Twisted Electrons announce the hapiNES L Chiptune Synth
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Twisted Electrons announce the hapiNES L Chiptune Synth

Inspired by the RP2A07 sound chip, the hapiNES L dishes up a ton of chiptune nostalgia. Aside from the good vibes, it has four tracks for expansive real-time composing, connectivity and a dedicated plugin for full DAW integration.

In recent times, chiptune synth plugins have brought the sound of the ’80s back into public consciousness. The hapiNES L, however, is a rare hardware venture into this archetypal video game sound, albeit with a small form-factor. hapiNES

The hapiNES L is a chiptune groovebox that is dripping with nostalgia. Far from being a toy, it offers up a range of ways to create complex and evolving beats.

The device features hardware and USB MIDI inputs, as well as analog trigger sync ins and outs for connecting to other synths or sequencers. Yep, it’s ready to slot straight into your studio setup.

You can create up to four instrumental layers in a sequence (which can be transposed), with the layers able to be recorded in real-time. The square waves can also be arpeggiated, which yields authentic 8-bit video game sounds. Check out the walkthrough below to indulge in all the lo-fi glory!

The hapiNES L is expected to begin shipping in March.

Visit Twisted Electrons for more details.