Sydney venue The Bald Faced Stag are ditching pokies for live music

In a legendary move for the greater good The Bald Faced Stag are ditching pokies for an expanded band room

The Bald Faced Stag Hotel in Leichhardt has been a staple of the Sydney live music scene for years, and they’ve just taken a huge step towards making sure it will stick around, opting to ditch their pokies to make way for an expanded band room.

bald face stag
Image: From The Pit

In a ballsy move for the greater good, The Bald Faced Stag have announced they will be ditching pokies to make way for an expanded band room.

“The Band Room is turning into a fully fledged stage with band gear lockup, raised VIP section, dedicated entrance with merchandise counter and band accommodation,” the Bald Face Stag owners revealed on Facebook earlier this month. “The old girl is about to shift gears!”

The venue has also hired a full time entertainment manager to spearhead their revamped live music

“There’s a huge gap in the market at the moment for decent live music venues,” owner Scott McKenzie told Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise, adding that the venue is in a far more fortunate position than many of Sydney’s live music venues because they have “very friendly neighbours” who don’t complain about the noise from the bands, as well as “a very supportive council”.

“I think it’s something Sydney needs more of,” said venue manager Josh Stewart.

Bald Face Stag

It’s a refreshing change of pace in Sydney. Not long ago we reported that beloved DIY venue and record store Black Wire Records would be closing their doors. Just this week we said goodbye to Newtown Social Club, who closed up shop due to the city’s ‘regulatory climate’ and in January the Harold Park Hotel shut down live music after noise complaints from neighbours.

It’s not all bad news though. Aside from the Bald Face Stag stepping up their game, The Landsdowne Hotel (which closed last year) announced that it is reopening as live venue “with a fucking vengeance.”

Hear all about it below, via The Brag.

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