Watch Father John Misty bring back Kurt Cobain in the body of Macaulay Culkin before crucifying him

Virtual reality, Macaulay Culkin dressed as Kurt Cobain and sadistic Ronald McDonalds is the wacky equation for Father John Misty‘s newest music video.

Total Entertainment Forever is the second single from Father John Misty‘s latest album Pure Comedy.

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In their newest music video, Father John Misty brings Kurt Cobain back to life in the body of Macaulay Culkin before crucifying him.

The music video is jam packed with pop culture icons like Kurt Cobain (whose vintage Hagstrom Blue Sparkle Deluxe guitar was just put up on Ebay) and the incessant presence of McDonalds symbols comments on humanity’s relationship to technology and overbearing corporations.

“When the historians find us we’ll be in our homes / Plugged into our hubs / Skin and bones / A frozen smile on every face / As the stories replay / This must have been a wonderful place.”

The journey begins with former US President George Washington ingesting a bunch of Viagra pills and putting on a VR headset. From then on, he chooses to play as “Kurt Cobain’ed” out of “Bilbo Clinton” and “Juan Arbuckle.”

Tied to a pole with game controllers, Kurt Cobain’ed is whipped, abused by a gang of Ronald McDonald’s before finally being crucified.

The music video is directed by Four Gods and a Baby which is made up of Adam Green, Thomas Bayne, Toby Goodshank and Macaulay Culkin.

A lot more shit happens in between, so you better watch the whole thing below: