Here's a fun fact, Macaulay Culkin just turned 40

Here’s a fun fact, Macaulay Culkin just turned 40

Isn’t it convenient being born at the beginning of a decade? It makes it so easy to calculate your own age. Like how if you were born in 1980, this year you’re turning 40. Which is exactly what Macaulay Culkin just did.

Ahh, Macaulay Culkin. When he’s not being ten and starring in Home Alone, he’s playing in his Velvet Underground cover band, The Pizza Underground (ok technically they broke up), being reincarnated as Kurt Cobain in a Father John Misty music video, or being a grown-up Kevin McCallister who has found his life calling as an unhinged Uber driver. The guy gets around.

But also, did we mention, HE JUST TURNED 40. *feels the void of existential despair.* Imagine how old William Shatner feels right now? (Side note, that man looks damn good for 89).

macaulay culkin 40

Taking to Twitter, Culkin posed the question: “Hey guys, wanna feel old?” – an obviously rhetorical question because when does anyone ever want to feel old.

He followed it up with a cute reappropriation of that classic line.

The post attracted some (let’s face it) well-deserved burns, including a fair amount of Boris Johnson comparisons.

But that didn’t stop Culkin on his one-man mission to wholesomely troll the world.

To which some random responded:

Happy birthday, MC.

*Macaulay Culkin surfs off into the sunset*