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AVA Vocal Flow: Harrison’s complete vocal processing solution

AVA Vocal Flow from Harrison combines precision editing and creative effects processing to give complete control over your vocal tone.

Harrison Consoles has released AVA Vocal Flow, a plugin suite designed for vocal mixing. It allows you to edit, control and enhance your vocal tracks in one environment.

Harrison Consoles has earned serious recording credibility through their innovative mixing consoles, including the ‘inline’ mixing console design that has since become the industry standard for audio consoles. Aside from large format desks, Harrison also has a steadily expanding range of plugins and other digital editing tools.

AVA Vocal Flow

As the name suggests, the AVA Vocal Flow is specifically designed to consolidate vocal processing tools. It contains seven modules in a single chain, including two equalisers, a de-esser, a vocal effects section, and a master section. The input chain is built around the Vocal Character: an intelligent two-band EQ that shifts to match sung notes. There is also a standard four-band EQ module with high and low pass filters.

Chorus, delay and reverb make up the built-in effects sections and can each be positioned within the signal flow. Lastly, there is the Mastering section that contains signal routing, polarity inversion and input or output trims.

To find out more about this one-stop-shop for crafting vocal tone, head over to the Harrison website.