Origin: the first large format mixing console from SSL in over a decade
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Origin: the first large format mixing console from SSL in over a decade

Origin is the latest in SSL’s long heritage of studio mixing consoles and professional audio equipment. The announcement kicked off the start of this year’s AES convention in New York.

The new console is designed for modern hybrid workflows and boasts some of SSL’s greatest hits. SSL Origin

Meet Origin, SSL’s latest large format mixing console. Origin has set the bar high at this year’s AES convention with a new Analogue Layout Hybrid Workflow.

The new innovative modular centre section allows Origin to adapt to different applications and priorities. Whether you want to use the console traditionally or take a digital/analogue hybrid approach, Origin can accommodate.

Features include 32 channels, 18 buses, 4 monitor outputs and 3 foldback outputs. The centre section contains 12U of rack space for additional controllers and hardware. There is also a sweepable HPF on every channel as well as dedicated channel direct outputs.

The classic features of the console are the E-Series 242 EQs, Classic SSL Bus Compressor and new PureDrive Mic pre & drive circuit. The E-Series 242 module is a four-band parametric EQ included on the powerful SL4000 series that serves up an unmistakable 242 style growl and deep low-end.

Secondly, the SSL Bus Compressor contains side-chain access and a HP filter that accentuates clarity. Finally, the all-new PureDrive circuit is a transistor mic-pre based around modern FET components. The result is an ultra-clean, ultra-low noise preamp that offers stunning resolution when in Pure mode. Hit the switch and the Drive circuit is engaged, adding rich gain dependent non-linear harmonic saturation.

For more information on the Origin and SSL visit their website.