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The Pico System III could be your ticket into the modular synth world

If you’re curious about the patchable world of synthesis the Pico System III from Erica Synths could provide a welcome entry point. Offering a modular workflow, but also a self-contained panel gives you the opportunity to create unique patches, without having to plug in extra modules.

The fully analog pint-sized synth comes in desktop and Eurorack forms (meaning you can use it as an extension to an already existing system). It even ships with a stack of patch cables so you can create your own sounds straight out of the box.Pico System IIIc

The Pico System III by Erica Synths offers up all the open ended possibilities of modular synthesis within a single desktop or Eurorack unit.

The new version of the Pico System is a consolidation of the single function units that preceded it – the Pico Drums and Pico Trigger for example. This ease of use and all round sonic capability make it all the more accessible for newcomers to the modular game.

For generating sounds, the synth is equipped with two VCOs, a syncable LFO, two voltage controlled ASR envelope generators a bucket brigade delay and more.

Interestingly, there’s also the ability to store patches with patch cards. This means you can switch between radically different sounds on the fly. The unit ships with five factory made preset cards and five empty cards for you to save your own custom sounds.

For more info, head over to Erica Synths.