Melodyne receives a new update with features to streamline vocal editing

The industry-leading and Grammy Award-winning pitch correction software Melodyne by Celemony has recently updated to Melodyne 5.

It comes with new features like Sibilance and Intonation detection, as well as chord tracking, for more realistic and easier to use pitch correction.Celemony Melodyne 5

Celemony has recently updated their Grammy award-winning pitch correction technology with a range of new features in the new Melodyne 5.

Sibilance detection provides a big update to Melodyne’s core competency by detecting the unpitched sounds of a note, like breath and ‘Ssss’ sounds to provide a more realistic pitch correction that only processes the pitch part of a vocal.

Meanwhile, intonation detection helps hone in at the exact points or brief segments that can make a note that is technically on-pitch still sound ‘wrong’. It automatically detects any problem areas in each note while keeping the segments that sound right and natural to the human ear. It does this based on the idea that slight fluctuations in pitch are what make a vocal performance sound human.

New chord tracking and a chord grid help make your harmonies more transparent and work quicker when changing chords or changing pitches to fit certain chords. It can also be used to make any sample fit harmonically in your track.

Other features of Melodyne 5 include fading and levelling tools, as well as options for use on pitched percussion instruments and reverbed tracks.

Celemony’s Melodyne has been the most tried-and-true pitch-correction software on the market for years, capable of cleaning up vocal tracks while keeping them natural or full-on digitisation of the human voice.

You can try out Melodyne 5 for free for 30 days or find more info on Celemony’s website.