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Explore ethereal vocal synth textures with Pharlight from Native Instruments


Native Instruments has recently released Pharlight, a synthesiser creating melodic human textures based on the human voice.

The synth is a granular instrument that samples and manipulates a library of vocal samples for ethereal but organic tones.Pharlight

Native Instruments have recently released Pharlight, a synth plug-in based around a granular synthesis on the human voice for organic atmospheric sounds.

Pharlight’s sample library includes over 300 sound sources including choral tones, beatboxers and vocal phrases. Native Instruments has carefully curated these samples to work best with the granular engine.

The granular engine allows you to take Pharlight’s vocal samples and transform them into tones, pads and pulses that can be played tonally on your keyboard. As Native Instruments writes:

“That means a whisper or a spoken vowel can be played like a pad or keys, layered, stretched, shifted, and tuned, and that the nuances of small, short sounds can be magnified and extended to epic proportions.”

Pharlight also gives you a range of modulation options to further sculpt these sounds, with in-built delay, gate, overdrive, eq and filters, and chorus, flanger and phaser, all taken from their mod pack.

The plug-in is designed as a companion to Native Instruments’ Straylight which was focused more around cinematic soundscapes. Pharlight is designed more for use in electronic music, and Native Instruments’ demos of the plug-in show that it excels in styles like dance music and trap, but can also perform well for cinematic scoring.

More info can be found on the Native Instruments’ website.


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May 19, 2020

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