Minecraft has now sold more than 200 million copies

Talk about a goldmine. Minecraft—the enormously popular sandbox game that was launched just shy of ten years ago—has broken through the 200 million copy barrier.

To put this in perspective, GTA V—a pop culture phenomenon in its own right—has sold 80 million copies less than Minecraft. It also leaves mega-titles like Tetris, Wii Sports and Mario Kart trailing in its wake. This block-based adventure has creativity and open-endedness in its DNA, which is why it has appealed so consistently to all ages throughout its lifespan. Minecraft

Minecraft, the block-based sandbox adventure has made a virtue of being whatever you want it to be. It’s paid off, becoming the first game in history to smash the 200 million copy barrier.

Key to its long-lasting appeal is its multiple entry points and the ability for creatively-minded players to make something out of nothing if they so desire. And if the threat of death floats your boat, the game also has survival strategies covered.

Mojang, the Swedish company behind the game was bought out by Microsoft in 2014. Instead of being the death knell for the game, that extra financial muscle has seen continued investment and development.

A new chapter in the odyssey is set to kick-off shortly, with Minecraft Dungeons set for release on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on May 26. The world’s most popular video game doesn’t look like it will be retiring anytime soon.