PREMIERE: Johnny Hunter take Luna Park by storm in their new clip ‘Innocence Interrupted’ 

Eyeliner, lipstick, and ferris wheels: watch Johnny Hunter strut through Luna Park in uniform for their brand new video Innocence Interrupted. 

Now, how about something to cheer you right up? Four friends, decked out in matching outfits, eyeliner and all, having a whale of a time in Sydney’s Luna Park. On the silver screen this fine day is Johnny Hunter with their new video Innocence Interrupted.

The clip was directed by Sydney photographer and filmmaker Fabian Svejkar, who’ll be a familiar name to anyone with a foot in the city’s DIY scene. Shot on 8mm film then edited by the band, it’s a far cry from the usual gloominess Johnny Hunter wear on their sleeve – but you’ll love it regardless.

Johnny Hunter Innocence Interrupted Music Video

A cut from their recent Early Trauma EP, Innocence Interrupted ripples with the same fervour and post-punk flavour which has long defined the band. It’s an existential crisis delivered with angst and passion, a song mourning innocence lost and the slow passing of time.

“The idea for the film clip came to us as we were trying to place all four of us in a situation that was inherently innocent, even with all four of us adorned in our eye-shadow and lipstick”, the band shared.

“Fabian Svejkar was behind the camera and pounced at any and every opportunity to capture us on our very own big day out on his Sony Hi8 Camera with 8mm film. The editing process, by Xander and Nick Cerone in the band, consisted of piecing together the best and worst moments of the day, from Gez winning a huge stuffed dog to Hutty almost breaking his tailbone on a slide.”

Since day dot Johnny Hunter have revelled by placing classical, often outdated, symbols of the masculine alongside the introspective and non-conforming. On Innocence Interrupted they continue the trend, injecting innocence and a whole lot of fun into a look that’s been historically intimidating.

If any band is going to show us that goths can have fun and men can wear makeup, it’s Johnny Hunter.


Early Trauma is out now. Stream or purchase your copy here.