Check out what went down at the Happy Mag Issue 11 Launch

On Friday night we launched Happy Mag Issue 11 with our biggest party ever. Here’s what went down when we took over the Marlborough Hotel.

Over the weekend we put on our biggest party ever, inviting over 15 live acts to the Marly Bar in Newtown on the opening night of Vivid Sydney 2019. The occasion was our Issue 11 Launch, celebrating the release date for our annual Photo Issue.

All three levels of the venue were decked out in light, colour, live music, and mates, from the graceful art rock vibes of the upstairs stage to the ragged techno of Tokyo Sing Song. Here’s a little taste of what went down.

Fabian Svejkar happy mag issue 11 launch the marlborough hotel sydney
Photos: Fabian Svejkar

Early on in the night Vast Hill took to the upstairs stage while Bullshirt smashed out a significantly louder set on the ground floor. Twin crowds were already swimming as the pair performed, kicking off the night like total pros.

Downstairs the punkish and indie vibes kept flowing as Georgia June and Julia Why? followed up. Both bands had fresh singles in their back pockets and the confidence showed, each slaying their sets to a steadily growing crowd.

Meanwhile Okin Osan and Yon Yonson were keeping the top level entranced, dazzling crowds as a web of lights spun across the stage – a perfect accompaniment to their cinematic, danceable tunes.

Things began to truly heat up from there, with Happy DJs taking the first shift on the decks at Tokyo Sing Song and Psyched As spinning some absolute bangers on the ground floor. By the time Egoism and Crocodylus had hit their respective stages, the place was heaving.

Egoism had their crowd spun into a serene psychedelic fantasy and Crocodylus had crafted absolute chaos. The two were yin and yang, a perfect rehearsal for the headliners to come.

As Lovejoy DJs kept Tokyo Sing Song thumping, it was well and truly time for Bec Sandridge and The Pinheads to show off the goods.

Coming to Sydney with her new single Eyes Wide in tow, Bec took to the stage with quips, leg kicks and no shortage of killer guitar lines. Her set covered all the bases, from her other newbie Animal to crowd favourites You’re a Fucking Joke and High Tide.

It was album release day for The Pinheads, and they turned up red hot. Frontman Jez was hitting every corner of the stage and beyond, climbing the speaker rig and any wall he could get a grapple upon as a mosh raged below.

As the Pinnies wrapped up it was almost 1am, and time for Rebel Yell to bring her snarling live techno to the Tokyo Sing Song stage. Those who still partying were treated to a loud and filthy set, a vibe Caciara was able to keep alive as he closed the room with a DJ set.

All in all it was huge. We’re still hurtin’, and we hope you are too.

Special thanks to our partners Audio-Technica Australia, Young Henrys, JBL, Warner Music, Universal Music Australia, plus Nanoleaf for the lights, and DJ Warehouse and BHSS for the gear.