Ryan Reynolds wants to make a stoner reboot of ‘Home Alone’ and Chris Columbus is not impressed

Turns out the original director of the 1990 classic Home Alone does not approve of Ryan Reynold’s stoner reboot.

It’s that time of year when all your favourite Christmas classics swing back into the limelight. The 1990 hit flick Home Alone is one such film, and its story about the beloved Kevin McCallister defending his home from burglars after his family departs on their Christmas holiday seemingly never gets old.

Grossing 476.7 million USD at the box office, Home Alone was clearly the holy grail of Christmas movies and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds seems to think so too, as news broke back in 2018 of his involvement as a producer in the potential stoner reboot: Stoned Alone.

Home Alone- Ryan Reynolds
Image: 20th Century Fox

Stoned Alone was pitched as an R-rated comedy centred around a twenty-something stoner who misses his flight for a family ski trip. Instead, he decides to stay home and smoke his homegrown weed until thieves attempt to break into his house at the height of his paranoia.

Reinventing the heroic flair and creative humour of Macaulay Culkin (who plays Kevin in the original film), the reboot was set to see our stoner friend taking up the iconic sword to defend his castle once more.

It’s easy to see why Ryan Reynolds, known for his comedic flair and dark humour, would be so on board – and I wouldn’t have at all been surprised if Seth Rogan and James Franco had popped up in the roles of the robbers.

Yet in a recent interview with The Independent, when asked about the potential reboot, the director of the original film, Chris Columbus, recently stated that it was “an insult to the art of cinema”.

Columbus’ opinion that “reboots are just silly” seems to be widely held by original fans of the film.

With the project marked as “in development” on the IMDB page, it looks like this “insult” might never happen.

Disney+ is also looking to make a Home Alone reboot in a more family-friendly direction, with a remimagining in the works starring Archie Yates (Jojo Rabbit) as the protagonist, Max, along with Rob Delaney (Deadpool 2) and Ellie Kemper (The Office). With the film set to come out next year, it looks like this is the reboot we are getting.

For now, Stoned Alone only exists in our imaginations.