Immerse yourself in pure Chemical Brothers craziness with their new VR clip Under Neon Lights

The Chemical Brothers are amidst celebrating 20 years since the release of Dig Your Own Hole. The genre defying electronic music duo have released a few singles now from their 2016 album Born In The Echoes, including Under Neon Lights featuring St. Vincent

Now, they have a virtual reality music video to accompany the single.

chemical bro wp

The Chemical Brothers continue to shake shit up in the music industry with an interactive, virtual reality music video for Under Neon Lights featuring St. Vincent.

The interactive music experience is tailored for 3D and 2D sensation. Users without a VR headset can scroll around the screen with a 360 degree motion. Every time you move around the screen, the shifting, animated world becomes more and more psychedelic.

“Dig Your Own Hole incorporated elements of hip-hop, drum and bass, electronic and modern rock, just to name a few, the combination of which culminated in a record ahead of its time. The Chemical Brothers had no fear of genre, and seemed ultimately to be concerned with simply making music for people to lose their minds dancing to.”

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Watch and play below!