Thanks to an Artificial Intelligence, Bob Ross just became even more fun to watch on psychedelics

It’s amazing just how far The Joy of Painting has extended. A favourite for Reddit users, aspiring landscapers and stoners everywhere, the wholesome approach of Bob Ross to his art has stood the test of time.

Today we focus in particular on the stoners who keep the Ross flame burning. Well, kind of. Thanks to designer, artist and roboticist Alexander Reben we have a brand new episode of The Joy of Painting, one that’s trippier than it has ever been before.

bob ross lsd acid psychedelics neural network artificial intelligence

Forget LSD, immerse yourself in the psychoactive fever dream of Bob Ross run through an artificial intelligence neural network.

Reben’s creation comes in the form of a video titled Deeply Artificial Trees, which you can watch below. It uses the Google developed, animal-based deep neural network to create the mind-bending visuals, while Reben personally processed the clip’s original  audio.

The result is a psychedelic, alien experience that is hardly for the feint of heart. Dive in.

Via The Creators Project.