PREMIERE: Fresh from the Blue Mountains and the depths of a messed up acid dream, see Innamech’s new video Was Not Out

The Blue Mountains has been a glittering gem of musical magic for a long time now with an insane amount of talent popping up from such a small part of Australia.

The next name to remember from that part of the world is Innamech. The group, whose musical style has come to be known as progrocktronica, has released a brand new video into the world as a taste of their debut album.

Innamech was designed as an outlet for front man Jimmi Carr and his bandmate Samantha Rich to push and blend their favourite genres in new and unexplored ways.


Innamech explore the combination of prog-rock, hip-hop and EDM with electronic instruments, samples, and their own voices for an unbelievably unique sound.

Their new track is called Was Not Out and it’s a confronting example of the many genres that Innamech play around with so well. The song starts off with some punchy synths and electronic drums while utilising pauses to keep the listener on the edge of their seat.

When the aggressive vocals from Carr kick in along with some haunting harmonies from Rich, the tune clambers to fucked-up new experimental heights.

Was Not Out manages to be catchy and unpredictable at the same time as the listener is thrown by the volatile phrase entrances.

The lyrics may frighten you as Carr slams some truths that feel strangely directed at the audience and also comments on the constant pressure of trying to be cool.

The song comes with the trippiest of music videos. Directed by Pat Bowen, the clip acts as a hypnotic lyric video with constant neon flashes and images appearing erratically with the music.

A couple of night shots of the Blue Mountains bush played backwards and some inverted colour effects create the perfect nightmare.

Front man Jimmi Carr has released four albums and an EP under his own name, as well as working and touring with acts like Hermitude, Xavier Rudd and Adalita.

As for Innamech, we’ve heard a couple of singles and an EP titled Meet Your Maker from the group with bigger plans on the way. Early 2017 we should be seeing another single drop as well as a full-length album titled BorderTown.

If Was Not Out is served as an entree for what’s to come, then strap on the flight goggles because this is one group that will send you supersonic.

Was Not Out is available now.