‘Fate’ Piperlain’s ode to the rollercoaster that is love

The Blue Mountains folk/rock duo, Piperlain, dive into the head-spinning, sweet, and oft anxiety ridden beginnings of love.

Piperlain, the dynamic Folk/Rock duo hailing from the same musical soil that gave rise to talents like Julia Jacklin and Cloud Control, has dropped  their latest single, “Fate.”

Piperlain’s newest track, “Fate,” picks up where their EP ‘Shine on You’ left off. Offering up a musical rollercoaster of love, hitting all the highs, lows, and that head-spinning sweetness of those early days.

And they’re not holding back either, giving us a real, down-to-earth take on the crazy ride that is falling in love. It’s a tune that’s as relatable as it is catchy, and it’s got us hooked.

Weaving an emotional discourse reminiscent of The Corrs’ ‘All The Love In The World’ combined with Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Seven Wonders.’ It’s a palpable tribute to that one special person who stands out like a natural wonder.

Produced to perfection, ‘Fate’ combines indie folk and folktronica with progressive pop/rock sounds, tribal percussion, and Middle Eastern influences. It’s a musical tapestry that resonates with heartfelt honesty.

Benjamin Knight and Rebecca Voorn-Knight, the masterminds behind Piperlain, recorded “Fate” at Fireswamp Studios with Josh Schuberth, known for his work with artists like Josh Pyke, Amber Lawrence, The Wolfe Brothers, and Fanny Lumsden. The result is a genuine Piperlain sound – natural, rich and spacious – featuring intricate guitar work, rhythmic percussion, and heartfelt vocals. It’s a down-to-earth mix that hits all the right notes.

Vocally, Rebecca’s sincerity shines through, delivering an honest and candid portrayal of the longing we all feel when we hope for fate to work its magic. “Fate” is a dream come true, and Rebecca’s vocals lead you through it with disarmingly raw emotion.

Rebecca Voorn-Knight shares, “’Fate’ is about a new relationship in its infancy. Something special is budding between two people, but one must embark on a journey. The song explores the excitement, anticipation, and contemplation of a romantic future, along with the anxiety and desperation of waiting for that special someone to return. Then, the realization dawns that they share a unique connection and can embark on their journey together. The track’s sustained guitar, created with an EBow, creates a mystical, ambient sound that complements the heartfelt lead vocal and mirrors the sustained vocals in the bridge section, inspired by the ebb and flow of the ocean, symbolizing the waves of anxiety and anticipation, a metaphor for departure and return.”

“Fate” really brings out Piperlain’s musical chops. The lyrics hit you, the music draws you in, and the AI-enhanced visuals add an extra layer of cool. It’s a solid proof of Piperlain’s innovative streak and their upward momentum in the music scene.

“The clip was a chance to experiment with AI technology and produce a video that enhanced the storytelling with stunning visual effects. We wanted to bring to life the scenes of both butterflies and nature but also the ocean waves, which is the centrepiece of the song, in a compelling and memorable way,” Benjamin Knight

Fate” is a musical gem, wrap your ears around it below: