PREMIERE: Indie songstress Fieu balances between vulnerability and power on Cheaper Than A Drug

Hailing from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, indie-pop songstress Fieu (pronounced Fee-Yoo) has exploded onto the music scene, showcasing the power graceful assertiveness and emotional maturity in indie music.

Her latest single Cheaper Than A Drug is a testament to her ability to craft beautiful music out of turbulent times.

Indie-pop songstress Fieu tackles raw vulnerability, emotional maelstrom and positive hope in her latest single Cheaper Than A Drug. 

Inspired by the likes of Florence Welch, Vera Blue and Sia, Fieu began making music back in 2014 and has since made a name for herself in the Australian indie scene. She’s managed to top Triple J Unearthed charts, she’s scored airplay on national radio, and has been recognised for her powerful songwriting skills, having been nominated as a finalist in the International Songwriting Contest. 2016 also saw her place in the Queensland Music Awards.

Her latest single Cheaper Than A Drug was a few years in the making. The song strays slightly from her usual sound; it is cinematic, emotive and vulnerable. Although wrought with sentiment, Fieu’s intention with Cheaper Than A Drug was to let both herself and her listeners know that there is a light at the end of every tunnel.

The track is raw and opens with the sounds of Fieu’s eerily doubled vocals over the classically-driven sounds of a piano. The track soon reaches a crescendo and becomes overwhelmed with cascading synths, hasty guitars and harmonic explosions. Check out the track below.

2019 sees Fieu’s return to airwaves with her latest offering Cheaper With A Drug, which will feature on her forthcoming EP due out later this year.