‘Indigemojis’ are coming to our phone screens by the end of the year

Emojis are set to represent another base with ‘Indigemojis’ arriving on our phone screens later this year. Indigenous emojis, spanning from boomerangs to the Australian Aboriginal Flag, are set to be included in the collection.

The emoji has become a popular and almost crucial way of communicating over text. Emoticons such as “:p”, which were commonplace five years ago, have now become outdated. Times change, and fast.

Indigenous Australians will finally be represented in emojis with a wide array of ‘Indigemojis’ set to hit our phone screens later in 2019.

Beyond the emoji use in texting, emojis have lately become a crucial way of representing all ethnicities. For instance the same emoji can be now used with a variety of different skin colours. But beyond that, every national flag can be found as an emoji.

With the incorporation of the Australian Aboriginal Flag, this will help put issues related to Indigenous Australians on a world scale. Hopefully when people from around the globe see these emojis, it will spark curiosity.

Demands for inclusivity and equality have been on the rise, whether it be regarding race, gender or sexual orientation. The ‘Indigemojis’ will not simply be new buttons on your text bar. This is a big win for Australia as a whole, and marks a little victory and solution to bridging the gap.