Internet Money drop their latest banger with ‘JETSKI’

While it’s been a minute since we’ve heard bouncy infusions of Internet Money, the collective is back with their new single, JETSKI.

Taz Taylor, the producer extraordinaire behind the Internet Money collective is back again, with an expansion of their sonic pallet. JETSKI, the collective’s first release this year since 2020’s acclaimed B4 The Storm, burrows further into Internet Money’s progressive sound while existing entirely in its own universe.

Constructed of classic hip-hop flow, mixed with the contemporary movement of hyper pop bop, and featuring the talents of Lil Mosey and Lil Tecca, JETSKI seamlessly fits for large dance floors and subtle house parties at the same time.

Internet Money Collective
Image: Complex

It’s this booming, yet introspective sound that Internet Money has clearly been busily honing over time.

After producing for years under the moniker and creating a string of platinum singles along the way, Taz finally decided to drop his single, Somebody in 2019. It wasn’t long after till Internet Money took the next step in his artistic evolution and released B4 The Storm, which featured Wiz Khalifa, Juice WRLD, and the future. Oh, and did we mention it only took two weeks to produce?

“We had like three or four records that we started with, then after that we started building it out. Full time it was like a month, total. But it was two weeks of solid studio sessions, working,” Taz casually told Happy Mag in September last year.

Shortly after, the producer collective’s Lemonade became one of the most streamed songs of 2020.

But, unlike the endless bangers found in B4 The Storm, JETSKI deviates in its much more upbeat but malevolent background. Similar to an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Furthermore, unlike the two weeks that went into B4 The Storm, Taz has been focussing his efforts into JETSKI for four months. However, despite the new Internet Money era that’s about to dawn, one mainstay is Taz’s devotion to shedding light equally on his production and the artists who complete it. A synergy that shines on JETSKI with Lil Tecca and Lil Mosey, and one that Taz is more than aware of. One we hope shines on the confirmed follow up to B4 The Storm. 

“I don’t wanna ever feel like I’m forcing my artists down people’s throats, but ultimately I feel like if they make and song and I think ‘man, this’d be fire if I had [Young] Thug on it’, I’m gonna get it done,” Taz told Happy Mag.

“I feel like I signed them for a reason, I feel like they’re the most talented artists, and if I’m not going to give them the showcasing or the slots to prove themselves, who will?”

We strongly advise you give JETSKI a listen below right-damn-now.