Interview: Alexander Mills and Sharon Brooks explore shared musical passions and transformative journeys

Embark on a captivating journey as Alexander Mills and Sharon Brooks delve into their intertwined musical passions, unveiling the depths of their creativity and transformative journeys.

Join Alexander Mills and the radiant Sharon Brooks in an electrifying interview that takes us on a mesmerizing journey into their shared musical passions and transformative paths. With a brand new release, the mega-chill and vibey single “Meet Me In The Tropics,” Alexander Mills invites us to immerse ourselves in a euphoric celebration of life.

In this exclusive tête-à-tête, Alexander and the multi-faceted Sharon Brooks, a fellow singer and actress from the captivating landscapes of Barbados, engage in a delightful conversation filled with nostalgia and admiration for their roots. With a special focus on Sharon’s remarkable role in the awe-inspiring production of Elvis, they explore her captivating journey from the Caribbean to the vibrant Australian music scene.

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Prepare to be captivated by Sharon’s enchanting talent as she effortlessly blazes a trail across the Australian music and entertainment realms. From sharing illustrious stages with renowned Australian legends like Jon Stevens and Dragon, to leaving an indelible mark in the Blockbuster Film “Elvis” as one of the iconic “Sweet Inspirations,” Sharon’s meteoric rise knows no bounds.

Her impressive 12-year career in Australia has solidified her status as one of Barbados’ best-kept secrets, casting a spell on audiences with her irresistible charm, soul-stirring vocals, and an electrifying stage presence that ignites hearts.

As the conversation deepens, Alexander and Sharon unravel the intricacies of the entertainment industry, discussing the parallels between music and acting, and the profound impact of being part of such a monumental production. Sharon’s vibrant personality shines through as she reveals the secrets behind her readiness, highlighting the discipline and unwavering commitment required to excel in the industry.

Alexander Mills 'Meet Me In The Tropics'

Their connection grows stronger as they delve into the unique advantages of their Barbadian heritage, where music is a cherished way of life. Sharon’s Bajan roots have not only shaped her as an artist but have also provided her with an authentic edge, allowing her to navigate the industry with genuine resilience and unwavering honesty.

In this joyous encounter, Alexander and Sharon share intimate stories of their artistic journeys, reflecting on the surreal moments that have shaped their careers. With infectious enthusiasm, they tease an exciting future collaboration, igniting anticipation for the harmonious fusion of their talents.

Amidst this celebration, we raise a toast to Alexander Mills’ artistic brilliance and the infectious energy of “Meet Me In The Tropics.” As we bask in the radiance of their intertwined destinies, we eagerly await the blossoming of their artistic endeavors and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. Together, Alexander and Sharon exemplify the magic and limitless potential that the world of music holds.

Sharon Brooks

Alexander: How are you? What did you get up to today? 

Sharon: Sharon: I am really really good. Today busy on set filming while training up my new PA and coordinating meetings with committees I’m involved with.  So not much.

Alexander: How did you wind up living in Australia and not staying in Beautiful Barbados? 

Sharon: Hahaha that story is over 27 years long but in a nutshell I fell in love with an Aussie while living in Canada and once I moved to Australia fell in love with everything about it.  Including warm weather.

Alexander: So you were a part of the biggest films/productions ever. Talk me through how that came about? 

Sharon: My agent Rachel Forsyth of Ruby Blue artists was the key.  About two years prior to filming she contacted me to help put together a choir for a “production”.  

That somehow led to a unique opportunity for me to work with Baz, Austin and a very small crew for about three months where it was about getting to know Austin as Elvis, the production, the vibe of the film and really support Elvis as a friend as that is the relationship he had with The Sweet Inspirations … one of the roles I then became.

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Alexander: Many people don’t realise how many hours can go into filming just one single scene sometimes. How did you stay ready? How do you warm up/get in the zone and stay in the zone?

Sharon: Staying present and in the moment and experience, being professional, secret stashes of snacks, reading the sides if given to really understand my role if an extra or featured extra. 

 If I am a cast then alot of the above and going over scenes with producers, directors and coaches. 

 Being positive and in the zone of “this is my profession and every day I get to experience a day on set is a privilege I don’t take for granted.

Alexander: What advantage do you think being from Barbados gave you as an actress/entertainer and artist? How did being around the Barbadian entertainment shape you as an artist? 

Sharon: As a Bajan and Caribbean woman I do think I have an advantage because music is our life in our cultures.  We are also very open and honest people and we don’t hold back, so growing up in entertainment in the Caribbean taught me some hard lessons, but ones that have carried me through to having a successful and grounded career.

Alexander: What discipline do you find yourself doing more of? Singing or acting? 

Sharon: For the majority of my career, it has been singing, but in the past two years, my focus has shifted to acting.  I also have an amazing management and agent who are continuously seeking new and interesting opportunities for my career so I am really loving the acting at this stage of my entertainment journey.

Alexander: How do you find work life balance being a parent in the entertainment industry? 

Sharon: When my kids were younger it was a bit difficult.  I especially felt very guilty being a mom and having to perform late nights or sometimes be on tours for weeks or months on end.  Having a supportive partner that understands your journey in the business is extremely important.

Alexander: I get asked a lot about my accent. As a fellow Barbadian do you get that as well? Do you have to work hard to hide it on set? 

Sharon: I definitely get that alot.  I actually don’t ever hide my accent unless playing a role where I have to use an American or other accent.

Alexander: I’ve got a song called ‘Meet Me In The Tropics’ What is your favourite tropical place other than Barbados of course?

Sharon: I am fricking obsessed with the small islands, Grenada, Antigua and St.Lucia hold top threes for me. 

Alexander: Looking back on things you’ve done in music and film. Do you ever stop and say OMG I can’t believe this actually happened? What moment for you would you say felt surreal?

Sharon: I had been working closely with Baz and Austin for a few months with a small crew and then eventually we began filming with Tom Hanks and literally thousands of people on sets each day. 

 I remember the first big day of shooting with Tom, when I walked out onto the stage and Austin gave me a hug and said “You ready”  And for the first time I was like OMG this is TOM HANKS AND AUSTIN BUTLER…..I AM FROM BARBADOS…. WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!!  

Alexander: Final question. What’s next for Sharon? When are we gonna collab on a song?

Sharon: I am currently shooting a major Hollywood production and several TV series and I am also waiting for this really cool producer and artist I know named Alexander Mills to write and complete the track we have been working on for about three years now.  Do you know him?  

Love you little brother.