Interview with Architecture in Helsinki

Architecture in Helsinki are currently on tour with the all-star travelling circus that is Groovin The Moo, performing songs from their latest work Now + 4eva. We had a chat to them about learning new things, The Go-Betweens and Tasmanian Cheesmaking.

architecture in helsinki illustration

Illustration by Sally Conwell

HAPPY: You guys have a number of shows lined up in Australia and also hitting up Groovin The Moo with your new album. What kind of response are you seeing from crowds from your new tunes?

AIH: In the small number of shows we played last year, the focus group for the new songs tested really well! We’re still yet to play the majority of the record, so, I’ll be better equipped to answer this in 2 months!

HAPPY: Including a cover in albums is quite different. What brought around When You Walk Into The Room into the album?

AIH: We have always done covers as a live band and with this song we just felt a real affinity. We loved the spirit of Jackie DeShannon’s original and we felt it was a great match for Kellie’s voice.

HAPPY: You guys have said that that the progression to your music, compared to previous albums, has a lot to do with learning more about your craft and new techniques. What new things have you guys learned that we can hear in this album?

AIH: To be honest, we just got deeper and deeper into our craft – production, arrangement, writing and performance. We spent more time by ourselves on this record so we really got to explore the ideas. It’s not as obvious and it’s difficult to pinpoint a particular element in the sound of the record – It’s much more intangible.

HAPPY: Australian music has really come into it’s own on an international scale. What do think
we bring to the table that stands out internationally?

AIH: Geographic isolation is a gift.

AIH: What Australian bands are you digging lately?

AIH: I’m really enjoying the melodic sensibilities of Andras Fox, I love his perspective. I also think World’s End Press are criminally underrated.

HAPPY: In your earlier days, how was touring with Australian legends, The Go-Betweens?

AIH: I’ll always look back at the experience with the fondest of memories. Grant was a brilliant artist and an even greater person. Robert is just perfect, I feel honoured to have toured with them.

HAPPY: If you weren’t making music, what job do you think you guys would be doing?

AIH: Cheesemaking in Tasmania.

HAPPY: What are your “guilty pleasure” bands?

AIH: I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. They are the construct of closed minded people! I love listening to Katy Perry as much as I listening to Erik Satie or Burzum.

HAPPY: What makes you Happy?

AIH: Good ideas.

You can catch Architecture In Helsinki’s next show in Melbourne at the 170 Russel (Formerly Billboard) on the 23rd of May.

Big ups to Sally Conwell who put together our (pretty darn amazing) Architecture in Helsinki illustration.  Check out the rest of her (also rather amazing) work at https://www.sallyannconwell.com/