Luke Station: Sydney’s Soulful Pop Sensation on His Latest Single ‘Settle Down’

Introducing Luke Station, the Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist captivating hearts with his soulful pop anthem ‘Settle Down.’

In the vibrant heart of Sydney’s music scene, an independent artist is capturing the city’s spirit with his soulful and electrifying tunes.

Meet Luke Station, a multi-talented musician whose latest single, ‘Settle Down,’ is poised to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

luke station

With its catchy beats and poignant lyrics, the track delves into themes of love and commitment, resonating deeply with audiences.

Born and raised in Sydney, Luke has been honing his craft for years, drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of artists across genres.

From the likes of Sting and Steely Dan to Billy Joel and Elton John, Luke blends diverse influences to create his signature sound, one that exudes Daft Punk/Andy Bull vibes.

As he gears up to celebrate the release of ‘Settle Down’ at The Vanguard in Newtown, accompanied by talented acts Jordyn Richards and Monico, Luke’s live performances promise a unique experience.

Utilizing a loop station, he brings a stripped-back yet captivating twist to his songs, making each show an unforgettable event.

With ambitions to produce an album and continue experimenting with sounds from different eras, Luke Station’s musical journey is one to watch.

For this passionate artist, playing live music and evoking a positive reaction from the audience is what truly makes him happy.

Don’t miss Luke Station’s soul-stirring performance at The Vanguard on July 27th, as he takes you on a journey through the soulful realms of pop music. ‘

Settle Down’ and immerse yourself in the sonic brilliance of Luke Station’s world.

luke station

Happy: What are you up to today?

Luke: I’m in my bedroom studio experimenting with Ableton Live and coming up with ideas on what songs to do next.

Happy: Tell us about where you are from? What’s the music scene like in your neck of the woods?

Luke: I was born and raised in Sydney. The music scene in Sydney is interesting as majority of venues these days want cover artists to perform rather than giving an opportunity to original artists.

Happy: Describe an average day?

Luke: Working at my day job being outdoors doing park maintenance and then moving on to music teaching to pass on the knowledge I’ve obtained over the years.

Happy: What about your ultimate day?

Luke: My ultimate day is after a long day of performing live entertainment, I can come back home, kick back, relax and play video games before the day ends.

Happy: What did you listen to growing up that fuelled your passion for music?

Luke: I listened to a variety of artists/bands from different genres over the years. My favourite artists that have influenced the sound I have now would be Sting and Steely Dan. 

The music they have created is fantastic and is worth listening to. I also enjoy some aspects from artists like Billy Joel and Elton John.


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Happy: How does it feel to finally release your highly anticipated single “Settle Down”? What can fans expect from this new track?

Luke: It’s exciting and a little nerve wracking at the same time as it’s one thing doing a covers gig but it’s a different level playing your own original music in front of an audience. 

Fans can expect to relate to this as it explores themes of love and commitment in a way that is both relatable and deeply moving.

Happy: Your music is known for its catchy beats and soulful lyrics. Can you tell us about your creative process and how you bring these elements together in your songs?

Luke: My creative process starts by organising what sounds I’m going to use for the foundation of the song on Ableton Live.

 Then I move on to what key/chord progression the song revolve around. I eventually start creating a vocal melody to match the vibe of the song and the lyrics come last.

Happy: The single launch party at the Vanguard powered by Metropolis Entertainment sounds exciting. What can attendees look forward to experiencing at the event?

Luke: The experience will be a unique live when compared to how it sounds when listening to it on Spotify as I take it to a more stripped/laid back direction when performing my original songs live.

Happy: As a singer-songwriter, you have a talent for crafting meaningful lyrics. What inspired you to explore the themes of love and commitment in “Settle Down,” and what message do you hope to convey to your listeners?

Luke: The song explores themes of love and commitment that will hopefully be both relatable and moving to the audience. 

With the combination of my other original tracks, I hope to bring a positive experience to everyone there coming to watch my show.

Happy: Your musical style encompasses a wide range of genres, including funk, reggae, jazz, and pop. It brings Daft Punk/Andy Bull vibes, how do you blend these influences together to create a cohesive and unique sound?

Luke: Listening to a variety of different artists has given me the ability to experiment and try out different things to see what works and doesn’t work.

Happy: Can you share some insights into the creative and recording process behind “Settle Down?”

Luke: Most of the song you’re hearing is recorded in my bedroom studio. I use Ableton live as my main DAW to produce music. 

I recorded most of the sounds except for guitar and drums which were done by two good friends of mine.

Once I had everything together, I also mixed it as well so then I can change things as to how I wanted the song to sound.


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Happy: Being a one-man band, what challenges and advantages do you face when it comes to evolving your sound and exploring new musical directions?

Luke: Being a one-man band has its limitations. For example, when being in a band you could bounce ideas off one another which is something I don’t have but at the same time, that does give me more creative freedom to evolve my sound as an individual.

Happy: How has growing up in Sydney influenced your music and artistic development? Are there any specific experiences or aspects of the city that have had a significant impact on your musical style?

Luke: It has, having grown up around the metropolitan area of Sydney, I’d say having performed around all different areas of the city, it’s made a huge impact on what themes and styles I choose to have in my songs.

Happy: Can you share some insights into your live performances? What can audiences expect when they see you perform “Settle Down” and your other songs in a live setting?

Luke: My main tool I use when performing live is a loop station. It gives a more stripped back approach to the songs when performing them live as opposed to how it sounds when I produce it in my bedroom.

Happy: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals for the future? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations that you are currently working on or hoping to pursue?

Luke: I’d like to eventually produce an album and keep experimenting with different sounds and styles from many eras. 

I mainly do cover gigs around the Sydney area, so I aim to keep building that up on the side too.

Happy: What makes you happy?

Luke: Playing live music regardless of whether it’s a cover or an original tune and getting a positive reaction from people is always a fulfilling part of what I do.