Myshaan shares in his love of the Pacific, and taps into the rich pool of talent in Hamilton

In a busy world what makes me most happy is BALANCE! when I find balance with family, music and faith I am most happy.

Fresh off the “Sway” on December 1st, a beautiful fusion of R&B and Pacifuc vibes that’s all about honoring Polynesian women’s roots, we sat down with Myshaan for a chat about Hamilton, the local talent scene and the creative crew he’s part of.

Fueled by the love he recieved from Hawaii, “Sway” came alive in just two nights, adding a Tahitian ukulele twist to capture those Pacific feels. By day, Myshaan’s teaching at a high school and pulling youth work shifts in Hamilton, keeping it real with his community.

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Beyond the beats, he’s all about that hands-on life, handling every creative bit to keep things legit.  Join us as we delve into “Sway”  and check out the music video below, because it isn’t just a tune; it’s an ode to Pacific pride.

Happy: What are you up to today?

Myshaan: I’ve just touched down in Auckland, preparing for Christmas in the park and had a song hub at Parachute! Life in Auckland is crazy

Happy: Tell us about where you are from? What’s the scene like in your neck of the woods?

Myshaan: I’m born and raised in Hamilton, but my whanau reign from Ngati Kahungunu, Ngapuhi and Tainui.

Music opportunities in Hamilton are scarce but the talent is far from! Hamilton is a gold mine for upcoming talent and I’m so privileged to have made friends with a lot of them. We have created a nice small community of creatives.

Happy: Describe an average day?

Myshaan: An average day in Hamilton is nowhere near as busy in Auckland. But we make it work.

When I’m in Hams, I teach at a highschool named Taiwananga, then off to my 2nd job as a youth worker. I don’t need to work 2 jobs but I love having an impact on the life of the youth.


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Happy: Can you tell us a little about your musical background, and any early influences that shape your sound?

Myshaan: I owe a huge amount of my skill and knowledge to church and family

Being in a musical environment has embedded the love of music in me.

But after watching Maori artists like William singe and Alex aiono I grew a desire to start making music of my own.

Happy: Your release, “Sway,” is a heartfelt tribute to Pacific culture and, specifically, Polynesian women. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this theme?

Myshaan: From 2021 to early 2023 I left to serve a mission for my church (the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) it was then that I lived with many pacific cultures. Learning their languages, traditions and learning to love the differences between mine and their’s.

As a tribute to the love that I grew for the cultures of the pacific I created this song. Further more I learned that people overseas listened to my music and created this for all cultures to embrace.

Happy: “Sway” came to life in just two nights in Hawaii. Can you share more about that spontaneous creative process and the impact of hearing your music in such a culturally rich environment?

Myshaan: I myself was never actually in Hawaii, but I had friends there that told me about the attention that I had brewed over there. As a token of thanks spring “Sway”

Happy:  As a New Zealand-born artist, you handle all aspects of your music. How does this hands-on approach contribute to the overall authenticity and creative direction of your work?

Myshaan: I pride myself in having 100% creative control with my music. Teaching myself to produce, mix and master has paved a path for me to paint my mind exactly the way I see it.

Happy: Clocking in at just under four minutes, “Sway” is likened to an oceanic experience. Can you elaborate on the musical elements you incorporated to create this calming yet impactful atmosphere?

Myshaan: Overall “Sway” is very basic in terms of instrument use but with the addition of the Tahitian ukulele adds such a vibrant feeling that without it would lose the rich essence of the oceanic feel. So although there is guitar and bongos. The ukulele I feel wraps the song up in a pacific ribbon that makes it calming yet impactful.

Happy: Your vocal performance in “Sway” blends traditional R&B with a modern pop sensibility. How do you navigate merging these influences, and what do they bring to the overall character of the song?

Myshaan: At heart I’m an RnB artist finding his way in the music scene. But learning more types of music I grew a huge love for songs similar to “Sway” emerging these 2 genres has helped me start to understand where I want to take my music and add diversification also. Giving people who have the same music taste as myself the best of both worlds. Eventually I hope this sound will become “Myshaan”

Happy: Your ability to write not just for yourself but for those who inspire you is evident in “Sway.” Can you share more about the imagery and imagination you used to ensure the song is a true representation of the culture it celebrates?

Myshaan: My lyric process is very simple but direct. I like to paint the picture as soon as the song starts. And this comes into effect with my production as well. When I talk about water, I add wave sounds in the back, when I talk about fire, I do the same.

Sway is also a classic love story, learning about my ancestors and their love gave me a greater connection to them. Learning about tipuna and who we come from is deeply rooted within many cultures which is why I feel this song represents us so well.

Happy: Looking ahead, what do you hope listeners take away from “Sway,” and what can we expect from your musical journey in the future?

Myshaan: With or without listening to the lyrics I hope to a new ear, they are teleported out of any problem and taken to a place of peace, taken to the love story that is Sway. Sway will feature some big artists from the Cook Islands, Australia and the states. There is plenty in store for me.

Happy: Lastly, what makes you happy?

Myshaan: In a busy world what makes me most happy is BALANCE! when I find balance with family, music and faith I am most happy.