Myshaan pens a love letter to Polynesian women with Sway

A love letter to Pacific women and an urging to take pride in their culture, Myshaan aims to inspire confidence in his female counterparts.

Set for release in December 1st, Myshaan orders a celebration of culture with Sway, an acceptance of not only physical appearance, but the deeper roots of Polynesian women’s history.

After hearing his music played in Hawaii, Myshaan felt struck through with inspiration. Friends and fans alike shared their love of his creations, spurring him on to begin the production of Sway. Two nights later, the song was alive.

myshaan new single release sway

The nineteen year old New Zealand born singer is no stranger to the lifestyle of an independent artist, mixing and mastering all of his own work.

Sway is delicate, with a focus on Myshaan’s smooth and affecting vocal.

Channelling the sounds of the same culture he celebrates, Sway is transportive. Offering space and acceptance through the voice of love and admiration, Myshaan both charms and relaxes.

Sway puts us at ease while placing the spotlight on Polynesian women, exploring a culture and intentionally sharing the stage with those whom inspired the track.

Coming in at just under four minutes, Sway is so oceanic in its movement that it washes over us calmly.

A mixture of acoustic, slide guitars and ukulele, Sway elevates with its beautiful melodic moments and layered vocals and harmonies.

Myshaan’s vocal performance is a mixture of traditional R&B and more modern pop sensibility.

With a range and ability that is worth envying, his confidence prevails even as he places the focus on the object of his affection.

It is a skill to use one’s own talent to bring others to the forefront, without outshining the intended focus.

But Myshaan does this well, making sure his intention is always tangible.

With imagery and imagination, Myshaan proves himself and his ability not only to write for himself, but to write for those who inspire him.

Listen to Sway below.