VOH turns up the seduction with debut EP V-POP

Honing her power while unapologetically pushing the boundaries of what pop music can be, VOH shines in her versatility

Australian-Asian-American alternative pop artist, VOH (AKA Violet Hull) presents her debut EP V-POP in all of its immersive glory.

The five track extended play includes one previously unheard track My Kind Of Bad, as well as a slew of high energy singles.


Using her art as her own personal weapon of creation, VOH aims to move listeners in a positive direction.

Channelling a World Pop influence and drawing on her own eclectic background, VOH is alight with professionalism, offering pop songs to rival the biggest hitters in the current industry.

BLACKPINK meets old school Doja Cat, V-POP  feels more like an exhilarating follow up release than a debut.

From the groove heavy, Kiss Me More-esque Amnesia to the electric My Kind Of Bad, VOH expels feelings of desire and desperation, consciously oozing the kind of confidence necessary to pull off the true essence of pop.

Away is a perfect opener, an impossible to ignore introduction to an artist that professes not only the ability to carve an abundance of different shades if pop, but one with the vocal ingenuity to back it up.

Backyard Blast drips with the heat of summer while sensual production and charming lyricism compete thrillingly, the track daring us to move.

Throughout V-POP, no two songs sound the same, and yet they are all undoubtedly a facet of VOH’s creation.

With each track produced in collaboration with Tremelo Switch, the team easily stitch a thread of cohesiveness that expands, rather than constricts.

Closing with Stuck In My Brain, VOH is emboldened in her sexual desire. A track fit for an intimate soundtrack or a mellow club moment, VOH bends the pop genre to her will.

There is something extremely captivating about an artist that emerges fully formed. VOH knows herself and her craft, and it’s a privilege to bear witness.