Mikey Mammoth is sitting pretty on smooth rap single ‘AYYO’

“When it comes to raps I’m undefeated,” Mikey Mammoth deservedly spits on his new soft rap single, AYYO.   

Mikey Mammoth has shone a spotlight on Australian hip-hop with AYYO, a soft rap cut that serves as the Brisbane musician’s third single.

Opening with the glittery tinkle of keys and atmospheric synths, the track initially sets a quieter scene before a record scratch effect makes way for Mammoth’s bars. 

Mikey Mammoth 'AYYO'

Carried by subtle snares and 808s and punchy slow-tempo beats, the rhythm simmers with the cruisey ease of a summer afternoon, a welcome change of pace away from the oft-aggressive beats of other rappers.

There’s a sparseness to the production that carries AYYO on an effortless groove, seemingly purpose built for head-bopping or lazing on the couch. 

While the production stands as a masterclass in restraint — with coaxing rhythms and unflashy moments of near-silence — Mammoth punctuates the track with an array of ear-catching flairs that make for an engaging listen.

The shimmering piano keys afford an ethereal quality, while Mammoth elsewhere adopts vocal distortion to forefront his particular rap style.    

Mikey Mammoth 'AYYO'

It’s a smart move, since Mammoth recits his verses with an acrobatic steeze, pausing in moments where the beat requires or elsewhere delivering rapid-fire cadence.

Commanding yet leisurely, Mammoth’s delivering immediately recalls the likes of Loyle Carner or Mac Miller; contemporaries who similarly opt for a softer-spoken timbre with the assist of jazzy hip-hop beats. 

AYYO’s production certainly veers toward casual, which is not to say his penmanship is devoid of razor-sharp barbs.

Here, the rapper takes notes from the braggadocio inherent in hip-hop to assert his eminence in the scene, infectiously boasting about his crew, Mercedes Benz and champagne showers.


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“I’ll be sittin’ pretty even if this never turns at all,” he spits with bravado, “when it comes to raps I’m undefeated, boy.”

It’s a testament to Mammoth’s artistry that he needn’t only rely on production, since the wordsmithing on display makes AYYO all the more enrapturing.

While such praise might befit a rapper ten years’ his senior, AYYO is especially impressive given that it marks Mammoth’s third-ever release.

His prior two singles, STOP and Smile More, arrived earlier this year. But we hope this is just the beginning. Listen to Mickey Mammoth’s new single AYYO below.