Premiere: Hilz navigates love’s grey areas on debut EP ‘Lie In Grey’

Hilz had already teased audiences ahead of her debut with Circles, her first-ever single that arrived in October of 2022… 

Now, we finally have the surrounding tracklist, an expansive pop EP titled Lie In Grey which premieres today (December 1) on Happy Mag.

You might already be familiar with Circles, the guitar-driven ballad that introduced listeners to Hilz’ commanding powerhouse vocals and clear knack pop stylings. 

Hilz EP 'Lie In Grey'

The track brims with the warmth of acoustic strums, and sees the Meanjin-based singer-songwriter muse on being caught in the cycle of unrequited love.

The sparseness and simplicity of the guitar work, courtesy of Hilz’s collaborator, Gabe, allows ample room for the singer’s voice to transcend, outlining Hilz’s vocals as an unstoppable instrument all unto themselves. 

Superseding expectations, Hilz makes good on the promise of that single with Lie In Grey’s title track and EP opener.

Cloaked in the fuzz of a telephone call, the singer’s delivery remains just as enrapturing, this time paired with the rustic tune of finger-picked guitars and folksy, soft-rock flair.

Hilz EP 'Lie In Grey'

Inhabiting the sound with confidence, Hilz sings alongside fuzzy strums and the punchy percussion of Will. Veering into more upbeat territories, the track makes use of resplendent harmonies — so airy they might just touch the heavens — and the sporadic twinkle of Al’s groove-laden keys.

Like Circles before it, Lie In Grey sees Hilz wrestle with the inescapability of love’s grey areas, questioning the status of her crush with a vulnerability so tangible you can imagine it scrawled on the pages of her own diary. 

After a climactic bridge that crescendos into an anthemic chorus, Hilz switches lanes with Seen, an electro-pop cut that showcases her versatility.

Hilz EP 'Lie In Grey'

Deeply textured production — dotted by synth flourishes and a brooding bassline — form the backdrop of Hilz’ impassioned takedown of an uninterested lover. 

With its dark-pop aesthetic, quicker cadence, and brass sections, Seen shines as a testament of Hilz’ eclectic pop palette, which she draws upon yet again with Daddy Issues.

Sitting comfortably in the pop-rock realm, this EP standout roars onto the airwaves with an infectious punk attitude, thunderous drum sequences and screechy guitars seemingly pulled from an angsty teen movie. 

Hilz EP 'Lie In Grey'

In what stands as the EP’s clearest example of pure pop, penultimate track Not This Time brims with earwormy melodies, danceable production and a smattering of searing tongue-in-cheeks lyrics.

Here, Hilz’ triumphs over the lovelorn experiences that defined the EP’s earlier entries, delivering an ascendent manifesto of self-empowerment. 

With traces of contemporaries like Kimbra and HAIM, Lie In Grey kickstarts what feels like a breakout moment for Hilz, whose set to launch the EP with an official gig at Brisbane’s It’s Still A Secret on December 9. 

In the meantime, listen to Hilz’ debut EP Lie In Grey below.