Introducing: Azad Right

Hailing from L.A, Iranian-American hip-hop artist and producer Azad Right knows just how to tell the story of his personal trials and tribulations through the expressive outlet of rap.

Azad Right

The prolific Azad Right sets the record straight and tells the story as it is. His music honors the greats of the genre and is a hip-hop lover’s dream.

Recently Iran issued a ban on hip-hop, which changes Azad’s dream of performing to his father’s cherished homeland. This ban comes after the Iranian revolution in 1979 when laws were passed to limit the influence of western culture and society. Azad has said that the news made him angry because he already finds it difficult to become fully embraced in America and he knows that in Iran the hip-hop culture is something that young people resonate with.

Azad’s family was exiled from Iran for being politically active, his dad’s first wife was executed, and his uncle was also executed. Before moving to America they traveled around Turkey, Germany and France before settling. Azad got into music at an early age when he started to play the violin and piano, this coupled with his father’s talent in poetry is what he believes gave him an affinity for words and made him the lyrical poet he is today. As he grew up as a teenager influenced by the growing rap culture (circa 8 Mile) Azad started going to open mic competitions and whispering raps in his room. He has said that Eminem, Nas and Jay Z influenced him with their intricate phrase constructions and witty wordplay.

Heritage plays an important part of the art in which Azad creates musically. He has been quoted, “There’s no Middle Eastern influence in pop music, I think we are underrepresented, but when kids come up to me after a show and I’m trying to see who is relating to the story, it’s not only Europeans and Middle Easterners, it’s the black kid, the Latino kid, the white kid.”

Recently Azad released For The Hopeful. After being close to the release of the album, Azad split from his then management. This meant that he had to remove over half of the song content and remix and record new songs. This was no set back for Azad as the album was released four days later, executed perfectly as planned. This album is smooth, mature and lyrically intelligent. It sure was a surprise to see this name up in lights so soon after his first album.

Azad has explained that For The Hopeful is supposed to explore the deep-rooted memories of his childhood and caters for those who loved the golden age of hip-hop. The songs are not only strong but very smooth and soulful. As a producer, the album is flawless in every way. Azad has used this album to highlight the transgression between being a poor hopeful boy in his bedroom to playing for Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock. With strong beats and suave flow, it’s fit for a road trip playlist. For the Hopeful is your next Good Kid M.A.A.D City. Have a listen for yourself.



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