Introducing Basenji

Holy bananas, there is a marching band trying to escape out of my speakers. Not really. It’s just a track from almond eating, plate licking, Sydney producer Basenji (aka Sebastian Carlos). The track I refer to is of course Dawn, which after a bit of strong and steady drums, leads into something much more playful effectively turning it from quite the bop-along dance track to “awwww yeis, dis is mah jam”.

The track also includes some barking, which at the start put me off a little in a haze of confusion. However, as it turns out, Basenji is actually a breed of dog… the “barkless dog”. So now I find it hilarious. Well played sir. Also, thank you for letting me get lost in a large internet time warp of dog vids, memes and endless Google images.

If you’ve been getting into some other Australian producers such as Wave Racer, Cosmos Midnight and Emoh Instead, chances are large that Basenji will float your musical boat. Or even if you just like a bit of sweaty dancing and clapping in a dark room/sun-soaked festival with perhaps a touch of lasers, you’re going to dig Basenji’s “playful, curious, energetic nature and dislike of wet weather”. Basenji will be joining in on the Parties From Nina Las Vegas For You tour in Sydney early March with Nina herself and a bunch of other dance makers.

This lad is being vomited all over the “To Watch In 2014” lists. So watch away kids. Watch away.


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