Introducing: Bri Clark

Newly initiated alternative pop singer-songwriter, Bri Clark, comes to us from Western Australia and has already started getting a few plays on Triple J Unearthed/ Triple J Radio with her new track Never Far Enough. This wom*n has strong soul sensibilities with rich tonal qualities in her voice, and that combined with her lighter pop musicality puts us in mind of Sky Ferreira.

bri clark

Bri Clark’s soulful and deep debut has launched her into a very promising career. Expect strong bass movements and some honest lyrics in further releases.

Never Far Enough has a soft and pretty intro showing off Bri’s dynamic tonal range and displays her lyrical writing abilities as being an accumulation of what breathes as or feels to be beat-backed poetry of some kind, due to the contextual embedded nature of the word-choices.

Being relatively new to the scene, Bri Clark has done well to achieve so much off the back of a track already promising an interesting journey into the music world. However, Never Far Enough simply does a really great job of showing the fact that there is definitely untapped talent to be found in her as an artist. She hits some extraordinary soprano phonate’s in the middle of the track, but doesn’t ever compromise its need to be both intriguing and accessible to the pop world.

Never Far Enough is definitely the kind of track that could easily stand up there with the best coming out of the Aus pop scene at the moment and deserves the airtime it’s currently receiving. Not bad for someone who was recording whilst meeting university deadlines, huh? If you are looking for some afternoon chilling out tunes, then you can’t really go past this track – just let yourself melt into the milky smooth bass lines and deep, vocally rich stylings that Bri Clark is laying down. We’re excited to see what she has to bring us in the new year.

The singer herself decided to have a chat about the track, what else she has on offer and everything else.

Happy: What kind of process did you go through when making Never Far Enough? What sparked the idea of it?

BRI: I wrote the song on the piano, so I always envisioned it to be quite a simple track. Then I hooked up with some awesome guys to produce and develop the song, and we had a few days workshopping it and then I got into the studio, did a day of recording, and then it was all about the additions. I think we spent like 4 or 5 hours choosing the right bell synth sound. Did my head in. Almost overdosed on Panadol the headache was that bad!!!

HAPPY: The lyrics in Never Far Enough are beautiful but seem to be entrenched in a deeper meaning. Is that the case? What is the track about?

BRI: I wrote this track about this really old feminist novel I read a while ago. I really connected with the main character in her development as a person and as a woman. It’s all about that carefree, uninhibited nature, and how even when people would try to cage her and restrict and limit her, she wouldn’t be held down by their projections or perspectives.

HAPPY: You put on your insta that The Jezabels’s Hurt Me song is a big influence. Who else do you like/ informs your music?

BRI:  I wouldn’t say it’s a big influence – I definitely love the song though. The real influences I have on my music vary hugely, from like Eva Cassidy, Fleetwood Mac etc, to Frida Sundemo, Damien Rice, Sara Bareilles, Missy Higgins etc. Listening to Tina Arena’s album In Deep taught me how to sing, and so she is a giant influence in my music. I think it all depends on what I’m listening to at the time. Because it changes quite often, right now I’m listening to a lot of Frida Sundemo, James Blake, Ben Howard, RHODES, Dustin Tebbutt, Half Moon Run and Bombay Bicycle Club.

HAPPY: The track seems to put you in the soulful indie electronic camp. Is that where your headed musically?

BRI: I’m starting out in the whole scene, so I’m still finding my feet as to where I’m gonna sit. But ultimately I’d love to have a career that spans many albums in many different genres. So the single is in that camp right now, but the EP could be a bit more organic, and the album could be a bit soul/jazz, but no matter which genre what you’ll always get from me is giant bass movements, a really captivating rhythm section, and some honest lyrics.

HAPPY: Are you still in uni? What are you studying? Is it hectic trying to record and meet assignment deadlines at the same time?

BRI: I actually finished at the end of 2014 – Bachelor of Commerce and double majored in HR & Management. Hugely hectic especially the final semester. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But I got through it, and now I have that piece of paper!… (yay)

HAPPY: What do you think of the music scene in WA at the moment?

BRI: I think it’s thriving!! There’s so much good music all around the place here. It’s a really exciting time to be starting out and getting stuck in!

HAPPY: What makes you happy (on the regular)?

BRI: So just playing the piano and writing makes me really happy, but also my budgie Steve is a pretty cool guy. I love going out and listening to live music whenever I can, and bikram yoga!!

HAPPY: When is your EP coming out?

BRI: EP is looking to be released around March/April but that’s a rough estimate so it could be earlier and it could be later!



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