Introducing: Samm.T

At 16 years of age, Melbourne based singer/songwriter Samm.T has introduced an array of melty vocals, fervent verses, and soft strums to the indie pop realm. Channelling her all-too-familiar teen angst into a tender, unprecedented EP, Samm.T proves she is far beyond her years. With a woeful undertone alike Tom Odell and an eerily alluring aura reminiscent to that of an early Sinead O’Connor, Samm.T’s EP Orenda is bound to take your psyche on a journey far beyond this earth.


Young? Yes! But there’s no denying Samm.T’s intimate lyrics and ambiguous sense of connection will have indie lovers’ going through the motions.

Although currently unsigned, Samm.T (otherwise known as Sam Tutic) adapted an alias and spent the past 12 months recording and perfecting her lust-worthy debut EP with none other than Matt Corby’s guitarist Joel Dowling. Since the initial November 13 release, Orenda’s debut single I See, has shot up to number 1 on the Hot 100 Triple J Unearthed chart, significantly adhering to her goal of “affecting the world” musically, and resulting in a strong fan base, who are eagerly awaiting her next releases!

Key track I See opens with a labyrinth of pastel vocals, whilst a sedating beat pulsates intensely, intertwining itself with the delicate strum of an acoustic guitar, in turn opening up the mind to a field of unknown pleasures. As the beat amplifies, Samm.T chants about seeing ‘creatures’ ‘rainbows’ and ‘rain’, resulting in a lashing of seductively innocent images and an even greater respect for the indie pop genre.

Although the nature of the lyrics are positive, personal favourite La Di Da, is a hauntingly beautiful track that could easily take you into a simultaneous state of both happiness, and complete sadness… a strikingly tantalising song worth the wave of emotions – a must hear!

When commenting on La Di Da, Samm.T chronicles the intricate writing process as “more laid back” in comparison to the 3 other tracks featured on the EP, due to the primary focus of the song being the “happy moments and experiences” she has gone through. Samm further asserted that the song “is a reminder to look at the positive things in life and basically states all the things that I love in this world. There is a big difference between this song and the others as the others reveal the darker emotions that I was feeling at the time of making them…I felt like La Di Da had to be the break between the darkness”.

As she slowly welcomes us earthlings into her naively corrupt world of angel like vocals, Samm.T continues to prove through a convoluted mixture of exuberance and pain, (a mix that is reflected in each of Orenda’s four tracks) that she may just be the new queen of indie pop. And despite staying rather silent on the matter, has let slip that there will be upcoming Australian gigs in 2015, and possibly even a single or two!