Introducing: Dear Seattle

Dear Seattle are a self-described melodic hardcore/ emo/ post rock band from Sydney (yes the genre is literally lifted from an official page of theirs). This is an extremely accurate description, as amongst the crisp melodic sound, there is just enough heaviness to be able to use the word ‘hardcore’, and enough new wave elements that the word ‘post rock’ must be tacked on the end to avoid digression from fans of say Hatebreed.


You either love or hate hardcore/ emo rock. Sydney’s Dear Seattle deliver time and time again vocally straining and guitar driven tracks – it takes a lot to compete in this genre and they put up a fight.

What hits the hammer on head though, is that vocalist Samuel Baurmeister consistently sounds like he is crying and pooing himself at precisely the same time. This action in itself seems also to be causing him a great amount of physical pain, as can be seen by the torn expression in his face when performing. If you have ever heard a band called La Dispute you know exactly what I’m talking about. This is exactly the same angst filled melancholy stuff that plagues song after song after song, though slightly more distorted.

This being said the remaining band members, since their inception, have composed some awesome sounding stuff –  it’s got a big rock and roll feel, with some heavier elements and post rock technicalities that litter the soundscapes they create. Honestly, Dear Seattle are better off as an instrumental band. That would be way more post rock.

Both their debut EP Words are Often Useless and recent spit with Fresh Nelson (who vehemently butchered The Pixies Where is my Mind? In an appalling cover version) are available for free or a donation of your choice on Bandcamp.



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