Introducing: Flowertruck

Based in Sydney’s inner-west, Flowertruck have bloomed pretty damn quickly and have just released their follow-up track to the hazy daydream that was Candide. I Wanna Be With You sounds like a totally different band – they’ve added a real life drummer, Will Blackburn, and Sarah Sykes (aka Syko) the sweetest synth player in Sydney.

The dreamy Flowertruck will leave you in a peaceful frame of mind with their latest single – it’s punchy and yet so fluid like you’ll just breeze through it.

This new track was produced by guitarist, Hamish Dobinson (representative for Pantene) and it’s safe to say Flowertruck have really got their shit together with this one. Fuelled by the unashamed romantic thoughts of singer Charles Rushforth, I Wanna Be With You is one of those songs that will make you feel simultaneously happy and sad. There is something so compelling about the combination of the shouty, energetic vocals with such heartfelt lyrics – mirroring love in the most realistic way possible with its unavoidable streaks of anger and frustration.
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The thing is, you really have to just go see them live to get the good feels straight into your dancing body. They’ve got a single launch party on 17th October – I’ve heard there’s going to be free beer so check out their Facebook page for more details!

They are supporting Sticky Fingers at Metro on the 26th September, which is tonight! We’ll see you there because we love them and will be there with homemade t-shirts fanning out.



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