Video Premiere: Orphans Orphans – Lighten Up Your Day

When Brisbane supergroup Orphans Orphans dropped their single Orphan, I was under a bit of an impression that these guys were either a little simple or marketing geniuses. Imagine if all bands just named their albums and their hit song after themselves – wouldn’t it just make the whole affair easier? New hit single? Release it as a new band! I mean most bands only have one hit song anyway, right? Why not save everyone from having to remember multiple things and just have every band/song/album/rock-opera entirely defined by one word?

orphans orphans

Photo courtesy of Tim Adamson

Move over Velociraptor, there’s another Brisbane rock and roll supergroup worming their way into our hearts. Check out Orphans Orphans latest vid for Lighten Up Your Day.

Alas, Orphans Orphans aren’t imposing this new one name regime for all indie bands, as we’re here to premiere the vid for a song that isn’t called Orphans or Orphan #2. The song, titled Lighten Up Your Day is a tight little ditty that doesn’t hide it’s faux sixties influences in the footnotes – this single from a band named for a Beck song could very well be the long lost 14th tale from urban bohemia.

Much like Taylor-Taylor’s band of good looking troubadors, Orphans Orphans have released a damn good looking video clip for Lighten Up Your Day. Jump cuts galore and swirling black and white hypno-discs abounding, this video isn’t recommended for people sensitive to high contrast lighting changes.

This vid comes in conjunction with the release of the band’s debut EP, What’s A Boy S’Posed To Do (again, disappointingly not simply titled Orphan) which is available NOW via iTunes and JB Hi-Fi. I’d reccommend getting the ice blue vinyl version (only like $22!), because you can never have too much vinyl on your shelves. Heck, you don’t even need to bother buying a record player, cause this one comes with a free online download.



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