Introducing Hockey Dad

How often do you reckon you’ve quoted The Simpsons today? Seasons 2-9 of the cartoon have become the sacred sources of an entire generation’s understanding of Western culture – it gave me an understanding of Poe’s The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart, it taught me more than school ever did about politics, economics, geography and psychology and perhaps most importantly, I found out that you don’t make friends with salad. What’s more is that nobody was spared from the cultural phenomenon – everyone was subjected to relentless repeats on Channel 10 at 6:00 pm and as a result, everyone knows what to say whenever a dental plan is mentioned, and it’s not boo-urns.

Hockey Dad Band

Surf rockers Hockey Dad are no exception. Their tour posters feature Poochie from Itchy and Scratchy show, their Facebook is littered with Mr Burns .jpgs and the band are named after a video game briefly played by Bart and Milhouse in S15 E04. Oh, also their music is pretty good.

The duo (so many awesome two piece bands coming out with stuff right now) hail from a little town called The Gong, known for it’s steel mills, Jamberoo action* park and the recent Farmer and The Owl boutique festival that all of us here in Sydney would have gone to if the south coast line wasn’t such a heinous trip. Hockey Dad make music for the city where smokestacks meet the rocky coast. Fast, simple surf-punk with tom rolls, low fidelity guitar sounds and 40 nautical mile long vocal reverberations. It’s a late addition to the scene, and while it seems like a long time since the first time I heard Post Acid on the radio, the indie-surf scene has really stuck around – salty, sandy slacker punk is apparently a genre that doesn’t die off quickly.

Lull City is the debut single from Hockey Dad and it’s as intense as hole 9 on Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge. The three minutes of barre chord insanity and rolling drums seem to be over all too soon with energy,  noise,  and a pleasant as shit ooh-ooh chorus. There’s also a charming sense of simplicity and effortlessness in their songwriting that gives the impression that Lull City was the product of some mega creative bong exhalation one afternoon.

Throw your cans on, wipe the dust off the old longboard and check out Lull City below. If you like what you hear then you should stay tuned for more of the same – Hockey Dad will be bringing you a full EP in the near future, the demos of which can be heard on their Soundcloud.



*Editorial would like to note that it’s still Recreation Park not action park as far as we’re concerned. Action park sounds a bit more like what the Gong’s version of Tinder would be called.