Introducing London

According to London’s Facebook page, the project was only just created end of 2013, and you will struggle to find much more information on this rogue producer. So even though this upcoming Melbourne based musician is just starting out, and his progress seems quite mysterious at this stage, he’s off to a pretty impressive start with his first release Rhoes.

london producer

Rhoes will take you back to the time when you used to throw one of your records onto your vinyl record player, or if you’re too young to have that experience, then London eill basically give you a taste of that old school magic. First you hear the sound of the needle clicking as it traces the grooves on the record, and quickly the anticipation builds. Close your eyes and you’ll see the record spinning.

And before you know it you’re greeted by some sultry Janis Joplin like vocals followed by a smooth down-tempo beat. Just when you think you’re in for some smooth sailing, London throws a bit of a curve ball and takes it up a notch with some darker dup-esque bass.

By the looks of things, London has been back in the studio, so fingers crossed for another release soon. Hopefully this enigmatic producer will quit being so cryptic and give the people what they want!