Lucie Vano shares seriously impressive debut single, ‘We Took It Too Far’

When Lucie Vano was living in Manilla, she picked up a guitar at only ten years old. From there, it was 10 years of writing, performing, and exploring production in Sydney. Then it was off to Adelaide with her band W.M.N, who were awarded Best Music Video by Music SA in 2016.

Now, Vano operates out of Melbourne, focusing entirely on music.

Lucie Vano

Lucie Vano’s new single We Took It Too Far is a powerful indie-electronica debut, with warm atmospheric production, rich lyricism, and a convincing feature from Wallis Prophet to match.

Lucie Vano has returned to the music scene as an exciting new solo artist, and her debut single, We Took It Too Far, is a mature and compelling introduction.

There’s a noticeable passion and experimentation in Vano’s music production, which may remind you of indie heavyweights like Bon Iver or Kevin Garret. The production is clean and mysterious right from the start. Manipulated and polished vocals fall over each other. Listening in anticipation, the drums kick in, and you’re hooked. A poetic, spoken-word feature from Wallis Prophet also develops the themes of the track quite nicely.

Vano’s many years as a writer, producer and performer culminate into this debut single, as she is credited for all components of the track. Being able to control all aspects of the musical process gives Vano the opportunity to develop deep connections with her listeners through her music, which is what she does on the single.

The lyrics envelop a serious, purposeful tone, that makes the listener ponder the story Vano is telling. Commenting on the debut, Vano says, “We Took It Too Far is a song about learning boundaries. It took me a while to understand what that is. The raw lyrics of this track with the intentional vocal layering is something I’m really proud of and feel portray the emotions of where the song was written from”.

Listen to Lucie Vano’s debut single below: