Introducing: Medium Punch

Medium Punch, or Jake Leahy, is an irregular, interesting producer, who over the past few months has been dropping some regular experimental, fun tracks. He’s been crafting some great music in Melbourne (because obviously) which defies a lot of the conventions of electronic music which is one of the reasons why he’s a great music-maker to be on the lookout for at the moment.

medium punch

Delivering chilled out jams or straight up disco boogie party starters, Melbourne’s Medium Punch is set to make a name for himself as one of the most exciting electronic artists going around.

Whether you’re a fan of electronic or just tracks with a chilled-out vibe, Medium Punch has you covered on all bases. He’s recently dropped two tracks in collaboration with Matt on the Moon and musically they seem quite similar to other artists like Collarbones, or Movement because of the sporadic two-step beat which makes their electronic wholly unconventional. Also some of his tracks are similar to fellow Melbournite Chet Faker‘s more recent stuff, which basically means he has the beats without the beard (which could be good or bad depending on what coffee you drink).

His musicality is strongly entrenched in that post-modern laptop sound that has come to characterise the kind of indie electronic that is slowly taking over the indie world in general. The bass line is entrenched in a multiplicity of drums. The lyrics are just as sporadically produced as the bass line, but have a dream-like effect. For example, the chorus on the track Time Lord are the lyrics “Sometimes I wanna go away, and I’ve been known to waste my time for awhile”, which is repeated consistently throughout the track giving us a vague understanding of the story of the track but is enough to send the listener into an ethereal-like state.

On Blue Sea Dwellers Medium Punch and Matt have created a fun 80’s disco beat underneath the dreamish-electro effects which have been overlaid leaving us with this sense that they’ve almost approached Saturday Night Fever from an ironic modern century view. They use the same effect as the they do on the other tracks with the lyrics which are sporadically intertwined throughout (but still obviously conform to the two-step nature of the track). This track has an interesting hip-hop like dance break throughout.

In terms of complexity and simple production values, Medium Punch are making some of the most original, experimental electronic beats on the market right now and it’s very easy to see him playing to a packed out crowd at Oxford Arts, so go check him out sometime.