Introducing: Mmdelai

Dream pop-electro maker Annemarie Duff (also in Minatures) is great at creating pillowy layers of interesting sounds which make wholly fun tracks to kick back to. She started off a solo music producer in Christchurch but was soon joined by a group of keen musicians all with their own musical bakcgrounds: Josh Black (Sleepy Age), Jess Hix (NYBBNZ) and Danny Webster (Radar Angel). Mmdelai are now a full-blown live band pumping out some undeniably well-produced tunes.


The bold and experimental Mmdelai is entrancing, breathtaking, and her remixes are to die for.

Like a lot of great indie electronic bands, Mmdelai reflect that demand upon the electronic scene at the moment to be ever more experimental – don’t get us wrong though – we love it. She has released two self-titled EP’s with Bleeding Gold Records in San Diego and while she’s moved into slightly more experimental territory, she hasn’t strayed from that ultimately chilled-out funk electronic tracks that would the auditory embodiment of snuggling your face into something warm at night. Not to mention, she puts some other producers to shame with her remix game. She has just released a new track (which might be taste of what’s to come on her next EP *fingers crossed fellow robots*).

The track Endless Bloom is a two step track melodic and powdery but with enough beat skipping kick-drums sporadically filtered in between Duff’s lingering vocals. Whether you were listening to Mmdelai play in a dimly lit ironically bad pub or whether you simply wanted to play it whilst doing complicated math, their music is fantastically transcendental in most given situations. The lyrics in Endless Bloom are slightly effervescent in their ability to convey meaning but that simply makes the whole track seem slightly more fulfilling the function of higher art that experimental should necessarily be.

Soft and flowery, Annemarie Duff’s vocals are wonderfully angelic and flowery, putting her vocalist style in a similar camp to artists like Tora. The soft vocals overlay so nicely with the two step electro beat that you’re instantly transported to afield with lovely daisies, long skirts and some sort of mythical creature (or you know something heaps normal like that). In fact, they’ve got a whole ability have the listener entirely on board without ever really understanding what they’re on board with, which in my opinion, is actually pretty cool. If you were looking for the slightly more underdog version of the Kite String Triangle or Safia, then you need to look no further than Mmdelai.



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