Roisto – Apart in Love

Finnish producer Roisto has released his 6 track EP Apart in Love, which features three original tracks and three remixes of the album’s opening track Apart in Love. Presented by Scandinavian label Youth Control, the EP is a fresh mix of funky and up beat disco rhythms, with a sound similar to that of Daft Punk, that are produced in Roisto’s small studio with old analogue synths, tape machines and 12” disco records.


His name may mean villain, but Norway’s Roisto proves on his debut EP Apart in Love that he is an electronic hero.

Opening single Apart in Love is a throwback to a 70’s disco, and sets the theme for the majority of the record. At 3 minutes and 10 seconds, it is a great short and sharp introduction to the EP. The upbeat and playful sounds, similarly featured throughout the track I’m Who You Need really make you fall in love with Roisto, and I don’t think it would be possible to feel anything but happiness listening to these singles. With such strong electronic influences, these two singles set the mood for summer and would be a great addition to a night time beach or pool party. They just have such a warm feel to them, but at the same time are so god-damn cool!

Call the Sky is the third track featured on the record and takes a bit of a different direction to the first and second singles. It starts off with a heavy, jungle sounding beat, teamed with what sounds like a howling wolf in the background. To be honest, I’m sitting in a dark room writing this and it’s freaking me out a little! The tempo picks up a bit after the first 40 seconds, followed by futuristic and synthesised sounding lyrics, and the vibe of the song becomes lighter and less haunting.

There is a tempo change again at the four and a half minute mark, heading into an even more futuristic and spacey sound. Throughout the 6 minute track, the repetition of the lyric “Call the Sky” paired with robotic and manufactured sounds makes it seem as though an alien invasion (not a friendly one either) is being brought down upon us, once again leaving me sitting in a dark room with a slightly faster than normal heart beat.

In Finnish, Roisto is translated to villain, which perfectly complements the vibes of Call the Sky. While there are sinister undertones highlighted throughout the track, there is also an angelic feel to the song, especially in the last 30 second. Despite its dark edge, this single is super catchy, and with so many busy sounds and beat changes, you can’t help listening more than once to take it all in. Apart in Love is such a strong debut EP, proving that Roisto is going to be a force to be reckoned with, and with his modern take on disco, this funky and energetic EP will be sure to get you up out of your seat in no time.



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